"healthy  gums   4  healthy  life" 

   "healthy  smile,   that's  style"


Independent Dental Hygienist

in the Scottish Borders



Active gum disease or periodontal disease as it is now known accounts for almost 75% of all teeth lost and is now linked with systemic illness such as stroke,  heart disease,  diabetes,  a form of pneumonia,  septicaema,   possibly low birth-weight pre-term babies,  and could even exaggerate  Alzheimer's through chronic inflammation. Dementia is now linked with active gum disease bacteria  and most recently, active gum disease has implications with covid 19.   It is therefore more important than ever to have a healthy mouth.  The mouth;  after all, is the gateway to your BODY;  EITHER THROUGH to your stomach, THROUGH  to YOUR LUNGS -  OR - IF YOUR GUMS BLEED - THROUGH THE GUMS THEMSELVES.

As a Dental Hygienist with over 44 years of dental experience, my passion is stabilising gum disorders. It is equally important to prevent gum disease starting in the first place.

I will take time to help you  achieve your own healthiest possible mouth, and I have time to spend with you if you are apprehensive about receiving dental care.

The sooner gum disease is diagnosed and treated, the better the outcome. 

As from 1st May, 2013, you now have 'direct access' to visit a Dental Hygienist.  This means, you no longer have to be seen first and referred by a Dentist, you can simply book an appointment directly with me.

However, should further treatment be required which is out-with a Hygienist's scope, you will be advised and referred to Dentist.

GDC no.   2216