Periodontal Therapy

periodontal therapy is the treatment of periodontal disease, or the treatment to prevent periodontal disease.

Treatment consists of two phases;-

Phase 1.

Assessment of your periodontal(gum) condition.

Explanation of why periodontal disease is happening if it is found present.

Tailored advice on how to achieve, and keep your mouth healthy and clean, for maximum results, with minimum effort.

Phase 2.

The removal of the deposits which have formed on your teeth,

ie. soft biofilm, staining and calcified tartar(calculus)

This is carried out either by ultrasonic scaling followed by fine hand scaling,


hand scaling only, whichever suits the patients needs best.

All scaling procedures can be carried out

using a variety of anaesthetics.

The  initial consultation appointment and first treatment is

one hour or longer to give time assess requirements and give time to discuss options.

further appointments 45 minutes

Some periotherapy appointments will be 

to clean teeth just to improve appearance and brighten your smile.